DVM 50

The DVM 50 is an enclosed microwave stabilization platform designed for configurations featuring up to 1FT antennas. Ideal for heavy-duty deployments operating offshore, or in high wind environments, the DVM 50 represents a flexible solution for operators looking for reliable Line-of-Sight (LoS) communications in a protected enclosure.


The DVM 50 System is a ruggedized, automated tracking and stabilization platform. Positioned for antennas up to 1FT, the DVM 50 provides BATS’ tested light payload, heavy duty platform for organizations in need of a nomadic or fully mobile broadband communication link.

This enclosed, modular system is ideal for both fixed and mobile terrestrial and nautical applications. Where fixed, nomadic, or mobile point-to-point (PTP) communications is needed, operators will have the ability to quickly establish and configure high-speed, high-capacity wireless networks.

Ideal for fixed, nomadic, or mobile applications, including:

  •   Heavy Duty Geophysical Services Communications
  •   Cruise, Yacht, & Ferry Near-Port Communications
  •   Commercial Shipping Near-Port Communications
  •   Building / High-Wind Emergency Response Communications
  •   Floating Vessel Stabilized Microwave Communications
DVM 50 - Antenna Tracking System (50 lb-ft. Ld Torque)
PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS 69.85cm (Ø) x 98.50cm (H)
WEIGHT 31.75 kg
ENVIRONMENTAL Standardized to IP-66
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -30°C or -50°C [w/heater] to 55°C
PAN / TILT-AXIS RANGE 435° (±217°) or 360° / 20° (±10°) * [Range is Antenna Dependent]
PAN / TILT-AXIS SPEED 0.005°- 50.0°/sec (PAN) 0.005° - 12.0°/sec (TILT)
LOAD CAPACITY 50 lb-ft / 68 Nm (MAX)


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