Adaptive 4G LTE Communications Solutions for Public and Private Access Networks.

BATS Wireless specializes in the design and deployment of wireless networks, including private LTE network setup and deployment, and public LTE network SD-WAN solutions. Our solutions enable schools, public safety organizations, and IoT operators the ability to extend their wireless network reach beyond the traditional limits of WiFi-based networks. 

Private Microcells and WWAN Base Stations

BATS Wireless leverages Software Defined Radios (SDRs) to enable a host of LTE compatible networking solutions. From small area or test microcells, to large area wireless wide-area networks (WWANs), we utilize the best technology available to suit your needs. Due to the flexibility of our SDR-based solutions, we can make use of a host of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands. For networks that require licensed frequency, we can work with your organization to get the relevant permissions from the FCC.  

SD-WAN Solutions

BATS Wireless leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) to enable the dynamic switching between public and private LTE networks, legacy wireline networks, or satellite-based solutions. Our SD-WAN solutions enable resilient communications for operators in a variety of theaters. From, school-based educational networks, to high capacity ship-to-shore links, we have a host of solutions to meet your needs.

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BATS Wireless gives schools, public safety organizations, and IoT operators the ability to establish and maintain high-speed, low-cost, 4G LTE communications access for their public or private SD-WAN needs.

When city-wide operational disruptions occur, as with 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic; schools, governmental operations, and businesses are forced to hit pause. To ensure critical departments and resources stay available, BATS works with both partners and stakeholders to enable resilient communications solutions to ensure operations can continue as reasonably as possible.

In the education sector, alternative forms, such as distance education require a resilient communications solution to ensure all individuals receive equal access to study materials, lectures, and consultation from teachers. BATS works directly with school systems to ensure private networking solutions are available for every student, so they may continue to learn, in spite of environmental conditions.

For the education sector, BATS utilizes the EBRS or CBRS radio spectrum bands to ensure interference free, high-bandwidth communications for live streaming of course materials, as well as general internet access needed to supplement educational materials. BATS not only assists with the network planning, installation, and rollout, but also with the ongoing maintenance support, to ensure school systems can deliver as seamless a transition as possible.

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High-Speed, Low Latency 

All-IP solution for voice, video, and data.

Value-Add Private Network

Enables critical data and communications applications.

Expanded Network Solutions

Private LTE, bonded networks, and failover & user device solutions.

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Installed anywhere in quickly.

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