BATS Wireless provides a proprietary software and hardware platform that locates, locks, and tracks wireless broadband communication access points. Through the use of its industry-first platform, BATS enables organizations to rapidly deploy self-healing, fixed or mobile links over long distances. BATS has set the industry standard for delivering high-bandwidth, high-availability intelligent networks for critical data and communications.

BATS automatically stabilizes, optimizes, and tracks broadband communication links that allow for improved communication distances, additional mobility to terrestrial-based communication systems, and increased bandwidth to end users. BATS technology can extend, offset, or aggregate a variety of network resources, ranging from fiber, Ethernet, WiFi, LTE, WiMax, microwave, or satellite; and can deliver up to gigabit connectivity.

By utilizing the power of directional microwave links, BATS is able to offer a more stable and reliable high-capacity signal with a 20+ mile range. Through retransmission, BATS’ microwave links are able to provide the high-capacity signal companies require without the latency or increased cost of satellite. This augmentation allows for an array of improved functions, ranging from VoIP calls between at-sea vessels, to critical communications between cruise ships and their operations base at port, to crew and passenger comfort for gaming and credit card purchasing on ferries.

BATS’ industry-leading technology is sold in the energy, defense (military and homeland security), cruise, mining, broadcasting, and ferry markets worldwide. BATS solutions are sold directly or through strategic partners to customers who are industry leaders in their markets. These partnerships have afforded BATS the opportunity to engineer solutions for major oil and gas plays, public safety departments, and defense operations throughout the globe.

As many companies are looking for more efficient ways to transmit data and communications, they turn to BATS for the solution. The flexibility of BATS technology makes it a crucial component in markets around the world, offering customers the reliable broadband connectivity they need. BATS products and solutions enable core Wireless Wide Area Networks (WWAN) to become intelligent, aware, and adaptive, leading to high-capacity broadband infrastructure for clients.

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Board Members

Steve Gerrish

Vice Chairman of the Board

Steve Gerrish

Steve Gerrish has worked with licensing and startups for two big 10 universities: Purdue and University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has a background in plant breeding and genetics. He has worked on over 44 startups and sits on the board for nine companies. Managing partner at Apex 1 equity LLC, which is on its third apex investment fund. Invested repeatedly in 8 different startups, including BATS Wireless.

Lonnie Bentley

Lonnie Bentley

Lonnie Bentley is Co-Founder and Board Member, and VP of Business Development for BATS Wireless. He has been a professor in the Department of Computer and Information Technology (CIT) at Purdue University since 1981.

From 2002-2010, he led Purdue’s CIT program to over $7.2M per year in research funding, delivered the country’s first ABET accredited Information Technology program, and an ITERA award for program excellence.

Bentley’s expertise in the area of the information systems development. He has co-authored seven editions of the leading textbook “Systems Analysis and Design Methods” published by McGraw-Hill. This book is the most successful system analysis and design textbook – with prior editions being translated into 5 foreign languages and reached adoptions at more than 700 universities worldwide.

Major General Erika C. Steuterman

Major General Erika C. Steuterman

Maj. Gen. Erika C. Steuterman is mobilization assistant to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategic Plans and Programs, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C. She assists in developing, integrating, evaluating and analyzing the U.S. Air Force Future Years Defense Program that exceeds $822 billion, and the Air Force Long-Range Plan to support national security objectives and military strategy.

A career Intelligence officer, General Steuterman has been assigned to the Air Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Germany, and the Air Staff at the Pentagon among many others. She deployed in 2003 as the Director, Information Operations Coordination Element at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, in support of Operations IRAQI FREEDOM and ENDURING FREEDOM and missions in the Horn of Africa.