Cost-competitive and performance-driven steerable antenna systems optimized for LEO and MEO satellite applications.

As a long time innovator in the antenna tracking system space, BATS Wireless has compelling solutions for mechanical and electrical high throughput ground terminal systems.

Delivering antenna capabilities for 1.2m to 3m or larger, our adaptive next-generation ground terminal platform proves ideal for on premise connectivity or gateway deployment. In fact, due to their low cost when compared to other gateway systems, our ground terminal platform is ideal for cluster deployment, enabling operators to locate 6 or 8 antennas (or more) in place of a single large format antenna, thereby reducing down time and minimizing risk, and ultimately increasing throughput.

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BATS Wireless gives operators the security and performance they need to support the next generation of high throughput Ku / Ka satellite systems.

High Throughput Satellite Systems require a high-performance gateway. As technology has advanced with 500x performance, we have developed solutions to allow both customers and operators alike the ability to take advantage of this new shift in performance.

Whether you are an enterprise user running a single pair of tracking antennas for your business applications, or a regional operator providing sat-supported internet to an infrastructure bare location, BATS can work with you to define your need, and deliver a suite of products so solve your problem.

Our cluster gateway solution was developed with the large capital and reliability requirements for setting up and operating a point-of-presence in mind. With our low-cost, modular, solution, we can deliver multiple redundant systems that offer competing performance and unparalleled capability. Gone are the days of complete network outages due to a failed terminal. Our systems can be configured to handle any operations or standby mode you require, with smart software that can monitor uptime and make adjustments before you even know a possible downtime event has occurred.

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