Partner-Focused Collaborative Services

It’s important for businesses to simplify and streamline many of their complex operations; especially as they reach certain operating levels. As such, we at BATS provide a host of essential day-to-day project management and networking support that are critical to maximizing return on investment and company efficiency.

BATS has the experience and access to innovative network technologies that can bring your business into the future.

In fact, our services consist of:

  • Project Planning, Deployment and Management
  • Site Identification
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Regulatory Filing
  • Frequency & Spectrum Analysis
  • FCC Licensure
  • Wireless Networking (Design, Installation, & Engineering)
  • Installation and Sustainable Support

When you need a networking system that run concurrent with your daily operations, while simultaneously improving operational efficiency and maximizing your business’ ROI, then BATS will be there to make sure it happens to your specifications.



Project & Organizational Management

The bigger the project, the more people, processes, and resources go into it. BATS is here to make sure the development and deployment of our clients’ networks are done for long-term success, growth, and sustainability.

We do that by providing an in-depth development and review of project plans and, if necessary, we’ll take a hands-on approach to the management and facilitation of day-to-day processes. BATS project managers work effortlessly alongside your team with total end-to-end network support, including planning, implementation, tracking and analysis, adaptive changes, and completion.

Design, Installation, and Engineering

Collaboration is the foremost factor of any project, which is why we do our due diligence in learning all about your business as well as current and future goals. Along with an initial review of your current and/or planned network, we’ll use a detailed RF, (radio frequency), plan to establish a ground point for initial project planning.

The RF planning ensures that BATS provides expanded, reliable, and stable coverage and performance for all users, while also reducing the installation and technology costs of an unplanned rollout. The final RF report will include essential network information, including final site selection, usage plans, a capacity analysis, plan recommendations, and everything else a client will need to ensure a successful deployment.

Construction plans entail the overall layout of your base stations, antenna structures, and directional orientation, along with any remote locations. This detailed instruction supports contractor or construction crews during equipment installation, and include either licensed or unlicensed backhaul designs.

Installation Support

BATS Technical Service experts provide on-site support for each phase of wireless network implementation to ensure your system always maintains compliance, efficiency, and good working order. Be it installation review or post-deployment follow ups, we’ll make sure you enjoy true peace of mind.

Offering custom solutions to address every step of the installation process; we can provide:

  • Site Selection and Detailed Surveys
  • Supervised Installation
  • Base Station and Subscription Commissions
  • Tailored Training and Support
  • On and Off Site Support
  • Network Auditing and Management

When you need a sustainable network with the capability to adapt to your growing staff or client base, BATS Technical Services can help ensure you have the tools, resources and available support needed to plan, deploy, and manage your wireless network with flawless efficiency.