Auto-tracking, Ground-to-air communications for aerial missions. No one does it better.

Ground-to-air communications through the use of BATS’ Groundstation tracking systems are key components of UAV and manned downlink technology that make video and data livestreaming flights possible. By leveraging high-bandwidth, low-latency wireless and microwave connections, remote operators are able to have all the benefits provided by their instrument payloads without exorbitant cost of running bigger aerial assets to house additional engineers or on-board data storage.

Ground tracking of unmanned aerial vehicles provides operators with a more reliable solution that increases in-flight efficiency. Ground tracking allows long-range and multi-mile FPV without compromising video and data quality. Due to its increased distance and duration capabilities, ground tracking becomes a viable solution across a variety of applications, giving operators the high-throughput and quality needed to make unmanned flight a successful endeavor.

BATS innovative GroundStation product suite has established itself as an effective solution in both the surveying and defense industries. By providing operators the opportunity to reliably conduct multi-mile radar and lidar scanning missions across large swaths of land, operators can complete jobs more efficiently and safely. Additionally, our ground-to-air communications solutions, have given defense entities a new edge in warfare and reconnaissance missions. By providing a clearer and more instantaneous picture of the battlefield, combined with our industry leading integrated networking solutions, commanders can more accurately understand, communicate, and deploy resources into the field, allowing them to make the strategic decisions that provide an edge in active combat.

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BATS Wireless gives delivery, mapping, security and surveillance companies the ability to maintain intelligent, automated, high-speed wireless downlinks while in the air.

From manned fixed wing and rotorcraft to unmanned military UAVs and consumer multicopters, our unique ground-to-air tracking solutions are available to cover every application and every budget.

High-Speed, Low Latency 

All-IP solution for voice, video, and data.

Value-Add Private Network

Eliminates expensive recurring communications costs.

Intelligent Network

Automated tracking for continuous connectivity.

Flexible Deployment

Installed during planned downtime.

GroundStation 25

GroundStation 50



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