Maritime 4G LTE Communications Solutions for Public and Private Access Networks.

BATS Wireless specializes in the design and deployment of maritime 4G LTE communications solutions, including private LTE network setup and deployment, and public LTE communications solutions for on-vessel deployment. Our solutions enable energy, research, cruise and ferry operators the ability to offload their critical production and hospitality data needs to resilient service provider networks, thereby reducing their overall satellite spend.

On-Vessel 4G LTE Communications Solutions

BATS Wireless leverages its industry-leading antenna tracking system platform to enable long-range communications links with public or private LTE networks. Our DVM IM platform, when equipped with our 4G LTE and SD-WAN offerings, can give operators additional capacity, resiliency, and flexibility with our industry-first Tiered Broadband solution.

Tiered Broadband provides an internet speed boost by making use of both massive MIMO & carrier aggregation. This unique solution can be used with either the same carrier or with different carriers and has been demonstrated to provide gigabit level LTE speeds.

Flexible SD-WAN Solutions

BATS Wireless leverages Software Defined Networking (SDN) to enable the dynamic switching between public and private LTE networks, long-range WIFI networks, or satellite-based solutions. Our SD-WAN solutions enable resilient communications for operators in a variety of theaters. From, data-intensive research projects, to high capacity ship-to-shore links, we have a host of solutions to meet your needs.

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BATS Wireless gives energy, research, cruise and ferry operators the ability to establish and maintain high-speed, low-cost, maritime 4G LTE communications access for their public or private SD-WAN needs.

When research vessel operators are faced with challenging projects in areas of minimal connectivity, they are typically forced to rely on expensive satellite. To provide a compelling alternative, BATS works with its partners and clients to deliver high-speed maritime 4G LTE communications, capable of handling large data sets usually seen with imaging and sensor data.

While providing a low-cost route to crew comfort applications like Netflix and Skype, 4G LTE connectivity for these vessels also create new opportunities for operators to enable previously unusable technology, such as live video conferencing, and real-time large dataset offloading and processing.

For the maritime sector, BATS utilizes public or private LTE networks to ensure resilient, high-bandwidth communications for filesharing, as well as general internet access needed for communications and crew comfort. BATS not only assists with the network planning, installation, and rollout, but also with the ongoing maintenance and  support, to ensure operators can make the most of their high speed connectivity.

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High-Speed, Low Latency 

All-IP solution for voice, video, and data.

Value-Add Private Network

Enables critical data and communications applications.

Expanded Network Solutions

Private LTE, bonded networks, and failover & user device solutions.

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Installed anywhere in quickly.




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