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Ferry route communications are established augmented or standalone wireless communications networks optimized to solve communications breakdowns that can occur while offshore. Ferry route communications are critical to help operators fulfill the point-of-sale (POS), communications, and VPN network needs of crew and passengers while onboard. By establishing shore-side and onboard communications networks, ferry operators can ensure reliable connectivity whether in port, near port, or offshore. With the ability to establish a low latency connection at a distance of up to 30 miles, operators can realize the full potential of high-throughput ferry route communications networks with minimal downtime for installation.

As ferries have emerged as a preeminent solution to cargo and passenger travel, their communications needs have evolved. Increased operation calls for a sustainable, low cost communications solution. Most operators, faced with budget constraints or outdated legacy equipment, require stopgap solutions designed to work within their current communications framework. By augmenting and strengthening existing network infrastructure, operators can create an optimized offshore wireless network, without excessive cost or lead-time.

On-board wireless access is a crucial feature for most passenger ferries, especially as they grow in popularity in tourist industries. Passengers, beleaguered by the typically slow, expensive, and inefficient wireless networks found on offshore vessels, required something different. Without the ability to interact with friends and family onshore in real time, most ferry passengers entered into what seemed to be a communications dead zone. Adaptable ferry route communications networks offer passengers a previously unrealized level of wireless connectivity. Free from usage limits, guests are able to email attachments, video chat, download, and post, all from the comfort of the vessel. Finally, offshore no longer meant “out of range.” Guests could access all the comforts and amenities of land, from credit card processing on-board to streaming videos and music, without fearing exorbitant wireless bills from cellphone providers.

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BATS Wireless gives ferry, cruise, and shipping companies the ability to maintain intelligent, automated, high-speed wireless communications networks while at sea.

High-Speed, Low Latency 

All-IP solution for voice, video, and data.

Value-Add Private Network

Eliminates expensive recurring satellite costs.

Intelligent Network

Automated tracking for continuous connectivity.

Flexible Deployment

Installed during planned downtime.

Ferry Route Communications Products

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