Intelligent wireless commercial communications solutions for business critical applications.

For many enterprise development projects, including construction, relocation, production, and disaster recovery, commercial communications opportunities can be limited. For organizations dealing with sites with limited or non-existing wireline communications infrastructure, access to a suitable wireless alternative is paramount.

BATS works with businesses, general contractors, and development partners to leverage our wireless and networking expertise in commercial communications applications. Whether its providing temporary wireless networks for construction projects, or core communications for day-to-day business use, we leverage our quick-deploying, high-speed, low latency solution to offer the absolute best in commercial communications.

BATS’ commercial communications solutions can deliver a standalone wireless network for temporary deployment, or leverage exiting cellular connectivity to deliver internet connectivity to site. In fact, with our expertise in network bonding for cellular modems, satellite uplinks, microwave PTPs, and existing wireline POPs via cable or fiber; we can work with businesses, site managers, general contractors, or planners to deliver the right mix of options for resilient and reliable commercial communications.

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BATS Wireless gives construction, development, and disaster recovery companies the ability to maintain resilient and reliable high-speed wireless communications networks to enhance operations.

When a large construction company needed to provide internet connectivity to enhance its operations and communications while at site, they turned to BATS to provide its industry leading quick-deploy wireless communications solution.

What the company needed was a solution that would extend their existing wired network access to the entire operational area. BATS worked with the company to deliver its QuickBridge automated communications solution to enable a high throughput, 100+ Mbps broadband link, needed for video and asset monitoring, VOIP/SIP communications, and company intranet access.

While the main Quick Deploy 25 link was placed at the network drop site, the operational area was covered with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WIFI access points. This deployment enabled the construction company the ability to not only access the internet, but also run wireless IP phones, utilize wireless equipment tracking software, and access real-time construction progress monitoring feeds, delivered by cameras strategically placed around the site. Additionally, through BATS extensive expertise with Peplink-enabled solutions, BATS technical team was able to deliver bonded LTE service and active network fail-over to help bolster network communications.

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High-Speed, Low Latency 

All-IP solution for voice, video, and data.

Value-Add Private Network

Enables critical data and communications applications.

Expanded Network Solutions

Stabilized wireless, bonded LTE, and failover solutions.

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Installed anywhere in minutes.

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