The all-new ONPOINT 5G system boasts an intelligent, streamlined design that eliminates the risk of service interruptions due to environmental conditions or marginal 5G backhaul site locations. The new design provides a step-up in the deployment of fixed point-to-point wireless links, allowing the system to regularly align, monitor, and re-optimize highly critical broadband connections; eliminating downtime and recurring cost due to manual re-alignment.

Advanced System Automation
Rapid antenna location and synchronization. Dual axis actuators re-align for link acquisition.

System Agnostic
Full customization setup allows for near universal list of antenna/radio configurations.

Seamless Deployment
All-integrated, internal control unit solution. Provisioning available with laptop or smartphone.

Rapid Fixed Link Provisioning
BATS uses an industry-first wireless search algorithm that scans the horizon for a compatible signal. Once targeting has occurred, the system scans the
wireless lobes to locate the center point, providing quick network links at the highest throughput possible.

Reduced Tower Costs
BATS innovative Automated Antenna Alignment system delivers efficient wireless back-haul links without need for an experienced RF engineer. Any operator with experience climbing towers can deliver an ultra-precise network link in under 20 minutes.

Continuous Signal Optimization
After initial alignment to the center point, the OnPoint will continue to monitor the signal and align the antenna to the peak signal, mitigating factors such as fluctuations based on thermal expansion of the tower, wind events, or other environmental conditions, eliminating downtime and reoccurring cost due to manual re-alignment.

ONPOINT 5G - mmWave Continuous Antenna Aiming System for Fixed Links
PRODUCT WEIGHT OnPoint 5G: 27.9 lbs
MOUNTING 1.5” to 4.5” Pole
0.02° (Suitable for beamwidths down to 0.5°)
6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy or Stainless Steel, Aluminum w/ black hard anodized finish
Standardized to IP-56
POWER 48 VDC (PoE or DC Cable)
CONTROL UNIT Integrated Control Unit (ICU)


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