BTS 200

The BTS 200 is a purpose-built microwave stabilization system designed for systems featuring up to 4FT antennas. Ideal for dual ODU configurations, the BTS 200 represents a flexible solution for operators looking for stabilized microwave line-of-sight, (LoS), communications.


The BTS 200 represents a step in the next evolution of BATS’ industry-leading automated tracking and stabilization platform. Positioned for radio/antenna assemblies of up to 4ft, the BTS 200 sets a new standard for performance, simplicity, and reliability.

Featuring radio agnostic, technology; organizations can leverage a multitude of available manufacturers to deliver their critical communications in fixed or mobile applications.

Ideal for stabilized microwave applications, including:

  •   Oil & Gas Platform Communications
  •   Public Safety Communications
  •   Emergency Response Communications
  •   Military ISR Communications
  •   Leased Line / Last Mile Alternative
  •   Low Latency HFT Communications
BTS 200 - Antenna Tracking System (200 lb-ft. Ld Torque)
PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS 44.37cm (H) x 45.21cm (W) x 31.19cm (D)
WEIGHT 55.33 kg
ENVIRONMENTAL Standardized to IP-66
OPERATING TEMPERATURE -15°C or -30°C [w/heater] to 55°C
PAN / TILT-AXIS RANGE 435° (±217°) or 360° / 180° (±90°) * [Range is Antenna Dependent]
PAN / TILT-AXIS SPEED 0.005°- 8°/sec (PAN) 0.005° - 3.5°/sec (TILT)
LOAD CAPACITY 200 lb-ft / 271 Nm (MAX)


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