Proven, high-throughput, electronically-steerable antenna systems for alignment and tracking in fixed or mobile applications.

BATS Wireless is the leader in the electronically steerable antenna space, delivering thousands of its FAST antenna systems to customer projects across the globe. BATS patented beamforming and electronically steerable RF technology enables the ultimate in cost effective, intelligently packaged antenna design.

Since 2015, we’ve been delivering real, cutting-edge solid-state antenna solutions for applications all over the world. We’ve since perfected that technology to deliver the most cutting-edge solutions on the market. Contact us to see how we can enhance your application.

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The Next Generation FAST Family. Solid State Antenna Steering, Alignment, and Tracking Solutions for the New Age.

Light Weight

All the capabilities of the mechanical systems with a fraction of the weight.

Frequency Flexible

Solutions available for various use cases and customer requirements.

High Throughput

Broadband speeds with modular capability for increased capacity.

Real World Rugged

We’ve tested our platform from the waters of the Arctic Circle to the deserts of the Middle East.

FAST Products

FAST 4.4

FAST 5.8




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