Flexible, resilient, high-speed IP communications and data are critical for governmental agencies. From the rapid deployment of network links for critical communications, to the extension of command and control networks while in theater, BATS delivers cutting edge solutions to governmental entities across the globe.


Military operations frequently require high-speed, highly available, secure networks that are both flexible, and minimize set up time. In moments where voice, data, and video communications are imperative, defense organizations count on a network that can perform reliably in a variety of terrains and situational environments. With these stringent requirements for operability, traditional satellite methods are frequently insufficient for military operations, with high latency making them both ineffective and counterproductive to time-sensitive missions.

BATS’ solutions offer military organizations the reliable, secure, high-capacity network links required to share mission-critical voice and data communications. While BATS technology can stand alone to provide military organizations all of their critical voice and data communications, BATS can also be used to aggregate existing satellite, fiber, LTE or microwave networks.

BATS technology allows military organizations to seamlessly transmit data and voice communications, as well as real-time HD video, providing offsite officials the ability to re-position assets as needed, ensuring both soldier and civilian safety and added control no matter the mission. Learn More >


Public Safety

In the public safety sector, network reliability is crucial. During disaster scenarios or recovery efforts, first responders rely on communications, surveillance video, and inter-agency data to organize assets, coordinate rescue teams both off and onsite, and disseminate up-to-date information to public safety officials.

With network congestion and/or high-cost posing a significant hindrance to implementing traditional commercial cellular or satellite methods, BATS Wireless provides a cost-sensitive, low latency, secure communications network solution with minimal setup time and no recurring cost.

BATS’ technology has been tested repeatedly in some of the largest metropolitan public safety departments across the United States, giving operators up-to-the-minute voice and data along with real-time HD video streaming, allowing first responders the ability to perform their duties quicker and with improved accuracy. Learn More >


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