BATS Wireless Announces Successful Long Range Deployment of Solid-State FAST System

INDIANAPOLIS January 31, 2017 – BATS Wireless (BATS), the world’s leading innovator of wireless stabilization, optimization and tracking systems today announced a key success in the rollout of their enhanced FAST auto-aligning and tracking antenna.

Together with regional partner SpectoRemote, the BATS FAST system was able to deliver an 85/85 Mbps half-duplex link at nearly 50 kilometers during a ship to shore operation. The FAST system successfully tracked the origin base station for the entire ship route, with high-speed connectivity still available from the origin port while docked in the destination port approximately 48 kilometers away.

Peak speeds for the FAST system near port exceeded 170/170 Mbps, while successfully delivering 100/100 Mbps mid route. Utilizing a dedicated link aggregation appliance, combined with other FAST’s and BATS antenna systems onboard operators are able to achieve double the connection speeds normally available while also providing link redundancy.

“We’ve worked diligently to expand the operational envelope of our FAST system to reach areas and markets that need reliable, high-speed communications but think that satellite is their only answer.” says Phillip Cramer, E.V.P. Business Development & Marketing, BATS. “This deployment shows we’re able to deliver a compelling solution for those companies in need.”

About the FAST System

The FAST system boasts a modular, solid-state design that eliminates the risk of service interruptions due to mechanical failures or system breakdowns. The design provides a step-up in the efficiency of the 360° continuous positioner, allowing the system to regularly track and optimize highly critical broadband connections.

The FAST system is available in three different versions, all designed to meet the needs of any scenario while providing the secure, high-bandwidth link production communications networks rely on. With the ability to operate in multiple frequency ranges, the FAST system can deliver the bandwidth to complete all situation-specific tasks with low latency. The system, which is now serving organizations all over the world, provides operators with the high-bandwidth, reliable, secure connection required to stream media, share data, or communicate with teams back onshore.

About BATS Wireless
Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems (BATS) provides a proprietary software and hardware platform that locates, locks and tracks wireless broadband communication access points. Through the use of its industry-first automated microwave tracking and stabilization platform, BATS enables organizations to rapidly deploy self-healing, fixed or mobile broadband wireless networks over long distances without skilled technical resources.

Every day- whether on the battlefield, oil field, or airfield, BATS’ technology is proven in some of the harshest environments on earth; providing organizations access to their critical communications. To learn more, visit: