TV/2 Bornholm – The Bornholm Line Promises WIFI at Sea

There is good news for internet users. The Bornholm line is ready for wireless internet during the whole cruise when the first ferry sails on September 1, 2018.

“We are not coming to Bornholm with half solutions, so we have the internet from the outset,” says communications manager Jesper Maack from Molslinjen, head of Bornholm line.

The solution is being delivered by the Norwegian company Specto Remote, which has already delivered similar solutions to other Mollinjen ferries. The plan is to set up powerful antennas around Rønne and Ystad to send signals to the ferry. The receiver antenna on board the ferry becomes gyro stabilized, making it easier to hit it when the ferry sails up to 70 kilos per hour. But it still requires careful placement of the antennas on the landing side.

“Our technicians are already looking for the right places to set the antennas so that we get the best signal,” says Jesper Maack.

However, there are limits to how much internet you can send at sea, emphasizes Jesper Maack.

“You can not stream Netflix, but we are looking for a stable connection that can be used for people, for example, to work on their laptop.
We have had good experiences with our other ferries.” [Translated. Source: TV/2 Bornholm]